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восемь :: Eight

Coolest thing ever.

I declare it appropriate to get around to actually learning my own anthem! The rock version is so much more interesting! You guys agree, da?

семь :: Seven [Accidental Voice]

[the voice post begins and he's ranting in Russian for a good thirty seconds, it's obviously the end of a phone call when the slam of his flip phone closing shut is heard]

[he sighs] Shit...how does Dom know about that...? [murmuring, it's a different sort of tone that probably no one has heard him speak in] This isn't good...I'll have to dig something up about him now...

[a small chuckle, but it's not very...joyful, more like...evil, supposedly] Oh, Dom-Dom, you know better than to threaten me~ using "him" against me...ha ha~

[then the voice post ends, it can be assumed that his hand was on something to have turned it on and then off]

[[ooc: Dun dun duuuuuuuuun~ small other side of Dimitri here for you guys, but since it's his brother nothing big will come from it~]]

шесть :: Six

Oh, Vincent, you could have just told me that you had erectile dysfunction~

I was so worried when you left so suddenly, but I guess you just couldn't get it up, could you? Oh, you poor, poor thing!

Now I see what those pills were for in the bathroom...Vinny, you shouldn't keep such secrets from me, they'll just come back to bite you in the ass.

[[ooc: Post made after their current log. Dimitri's ticked XD]]

пять :: Five

Um. Vinny...don't go into the dorm for another, er, week?

I kinda, uh, spilled sulfur on your bed...so...it smells really really bad.

четыре :: Four


He never writes! Ha ha, he kinda hates me, too, threatens to kill me all the time and whatnot.

We're best friends, I swear. Though, I guess if anyone met him, it'd be "we're twins, I swear."

Anyway. He sent me a letter. Just thought everyone would like to know!

Tri :: Three

I'm bored.

Vinny, you should sleep with me. Like. Now.

Y'know, in the same bed and stuff. The room's so cold and I can't keep myself warm.

Hey! Hey! Who here plays Sims? I just got Sims 3, and it's so much fun!

Dva :: Two

Y'know, I think Salt & Vinegar chips have an acquired taste. I went through half the bag before I actually started liking them.

Ohhh, so much research to do~ but I do it in the name of science!!

Vinny~? We need more potato chips. Care to buy~?

Odin :: One

Huh...I could've sworn I put my notebook under my bed...hmm...

Wow, I can't wait to start the next year! I don't think it'll be boring, so that's the best part!

The customers at the host club I work at have been giving me extra money since school's starting soon~ "go buy yourself textbooks and stuff" and such~ they're nice people~ they just get super touchy-feely sometimes.

Mmmm~ hey! When do all the sports clubs do stuff? I signed up for a lot of them, so I just wanna know when we'll get the ball rolling.

Uh--crap. I forgot to give Dominique his iPod back...oh well~

Hey! Is there maple syrup here? Or a plentiful amount of condiments?

Critique Post~

Feel free to critique my little Gryffindor twin-thingy~

He is an OC, but if you feel like you just wanna say something about him, please do~